Looking to Sponsor A Child?

We cannot stress enough the power and importance of a Child Sponsorship. Below you will find 3 children (who are similar to your own children) who are in need of new sponsors. They are fun, energetic, witty and special, meet them below! 

Meet Lizzie!

As I write this, it’s the 12th birthday of our Lizzie.

Lizzie came to us when she was a young, cherub cheeked little girl. Like most kids upon arrival, she was frightened and unsure. It took some time for her to get used to the schedule and all the new people. The first thing I remember noticing about her when I moved to Bethel was that she always had awesome hair–it was obvious that her caregivers loved playing with her thick, dark locks and accessorizing her with ribbons, clips, and bows.

She loved (and still loves) to jump on the trampoline, but if she’s jumping and you say her name, she’ll bless you with one of her giant smiles and a giggle and will stretch out her arms to find you, because she loves to be picked up and tickled. In 2012, a speech therapist came to live at Bethel for a year and worked with Lizzie on her communication. Now she knows basic, simple sign language to communicate with her caregivers about her daily needs.

Lizzie is on the autism spectrum, but don’t let stereotypes fool you. She is affectionate, warm, and cuddly. The only thing that she loves almost as much as being held and tickled is having her face in the light. Though she’s visually impaired, she has light perception and she absolutely loves to be in the sunshine. On a sunny afternoon, you can find her with her face in the sun, waving a hand back and forth in front of her eyes, her expression a picture of contentment. I’ve always admired her joy at being in the light. When it seems like darkness is all around me, when things are hard or I don’t know what to do, I think of Lizzie and remember to step in to the sunshine and look towards the Light.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and joining Team Lizzie, email [email protected], or you can sign up on our website. Lizzie is also paper ready for adoption, and we would love to see her with a forever family.

Meet Grace!

Baby Grace just came to us a month ago, so we are still getting to know her. She is a teeny, tiny thing, and if you hold her in your arms she snuggles her head right into the crook of your neck and smiles the most contented smile.

At her doctor visit, she was declared healthy but she just has to gain some weight. When her caregiver was given instructions, she laughed and said with a note of pride in her voice, “Don’t worry! I know how to fatten babies up! You just wait and see!”

If you have seen those T-shirts that say, “Though she be little, she is fierce,” that pretty much sums up how I feel about Grace. Though she’s been with us for just weeks, she’s already dazzling us with her smiles, learning to walk, learning how to play with toys, and wrapping us around her little finger.

Since Grace just arrived, she doesn’t have any sponsors yet. Let’s change that! If you want to join Team Grace, you can email [email protected], or sign up on our website.

Meet Landon!

Landon came to us just before Christmas, 2016— and what a gift he is!

Landon turns four years old this month! As you can imagine, moving to a new place when you are such a little guy can be scary. Even though we welcomed him with open arms, we were still strangers in the beginning. It’s taken him some time to come out of his shell, but more and more, we see his smile and hear his precious giggle.

Being visually impaired, Landon loves to play with toys that are noisy. He loves musical toys, drums, the tambourine, and he’s quite a good dancer. I asked his teacher, “What should the world know about Landon?”

“He’s very passionate,” she answered. “When he’s happy, he’s so enthusiastic–when he’s unhappy, he makes sure everyone knows! He also has a sense of humor and is always laughing at his own jokes.”

Landon is in our Chipmunk Class, which is our English immersion class for preschoolers. Right now, he’s still at the stage where he repeats everything. His teachers have discovered that he learns new concepts the best when he’s able to move around, so they have started teaching him new words while he is on the swing.

We would love to have more sponsors willing to walk beside Landon while he waits for a forever family! He’s a little sponge who learns something new every day. If you’d like to join Team Landon by becoming a sponsor, email [email protected], or sign up on our website.

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