Finding a Family For Noah

Noah needs a family. Plain and simple. Noah is 13 1/2 and will age out of being able to be adopted in February of 2018. I believe Noah’s family is out there. Read below to learn more about this amazing young man.

It’s pretty easy to fall in love with Noah. 
Noah is an encourager and has a gentle spirit. Every time another kid answered a question correctly and I said, “Yes, that’s right!” he would clap his hands with the biggest smile on his face. If Noah is proud of you, you feel like you hung the moon–he really is that sweet. He has the kindest, purest heart that rejoices with others. Even though he has watched friend after friend be adopted while he is still waiting, he is so joyful at their parting. He’s a good friend who wants the best for the people he loves.

Noah is my sponsor child, and on my last trip to Beijing I told him I was pregnant. He felt my belly with a big smile of wonder on his face. “Does she know it’s going to hurt really bad to have a baby?” He asked my friend Anna in Chinese.

Yes, buddy, I’m aware.

“Tell her to be really careful by the other boys. They might be too rough and hurt the baby,” he also admonished. “And be careful if people are running, they might knock you over.” And lets not forget, “You need to eat all of your soup, eat a lot, because you’re having a baby and it’s good for you.”
The way Noah’s brain thinks makes us all smile and love him even more.

Noah is almost fourteen year old and will actually age out of being able to be adopted in February of 2018, which means he would lose his chance to have a forever family. We often get asked, “But what happens if a kid ages out?” That’s a big discussion and honestly, it depends on the kid and the orphanage and many other factors. But regardless of what a future in China looks like for a child with disabilities like Noah, the point is this: losing the chance at a forever family is a tragedy that no child should ever have to face. A family is the first gift we are given when we arrive on this earth.

I have sat with young adults who have aged out and had some of the hardest conversations of my life. I have heard them cry, “Why did no one ever come for me? Why did my turn never come?”…And I have no words.

Noah is a gem and we are seeking a family to adopt him before he ages out in February. We know this is a short window for adoption but we know it can happen. Adopting him will not be without difficulty but is anything worthwhile not costly?

-Tabitha, Child Advocacy Manager for Bethel China

For more information about Noah or adopting from China, you can email [email protected].

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