What I Want My Child’s Teacher To Know


School is starting up again, whether through distanced learning or in person, and that means another year of helping a new teacher understand your family and your child.

Finding new rhythms, starting school through distanced learning or sending your child to school, all while also parenting a child with past trauma might feel overwhelming at times. We want to help set your child’s teacher up for success by helping them get to know your child before the school year even begins!

We’ve created this document that you can download, edit and change for your child. Whether you are going back to school or doing distanced learning, send this to your child’s teacher to better-help prepare them serve your child in a classroom environment.


  1. Click here.
  2. File-> Download-> Microsoft Word document.
  3. Open your downloads, click the most recent download titled “What I Want my Child’s Teacher To Know”
  4. To replace the image, click with two fingers on the image and click, ‘replace.’
  5. Edit the rest of the sections!
  6. Send to your child’s teachers!

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