39. Give Bio Families A Chance – An Inspiring Conversation With Foster Mom, Sherry and Bio Mom, Kami

Welcome back to Around the World with The Archibald Project! My name is Whitney and together with my husband Nick, we started our orphan care advocacy organization, The Archibald Project. We’ve been working hard to tell inspiring stories about vulnerable children ever since and our goal is to ultimately end the global orphan crisis through storytelling! We believe that the more people who see and hear our stories then the more people who will be inspired to get involved and help end the orphan crisis!

In today’s episode, we have the most inspiring conversation with foster mom Sherry, and her foster son’s biological mom, Kami! We are thankful for Sherry’s vulnerability as she shares how learning to love Kami and her family did not happen over night, as well as Kami’s struggle to love and trust someone was hard at first, but so worth it. Although having had a rough start to their relationship, we see how loving a biological mom and cheering her on can change a family’s outcome. After years of her son being in Sherry’s home, Kami’s son was reunified with Kami and her husband! Talk about inspiring and sacrificial love…

During our conversation Sherry and Kami talk about the awkward first car ride that Sherry offered after a visit, and the unexpected surprise visit Kami got on Christmas Eve from Sherry and her entire family. They share that listening and learning to press into love, even when it’s hard, is always worth it.

I can pretty much guarantee that your hearts will be challenged to love harder after listening to our conversation with Sherry and Kami! We hope you enjoy our conversation with these two incredible women!

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