One Sibling’s Perspective

Good Day! This week we’re sharing a bit from family members of adopted children, and from adopted children themselves! 

Today, we’re featuring the beautiful and talented Katie Lamb’s firsthand perspective on having adopted siblings! Of course, we know this isn’t every sibling’s testimony with adoption, but today, let’s all honor Katie and her beautiful sisters!

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Written by Katie

Thirteen years ago my life was changed in such a beautiful and powerful way. I grew up with two older brothers who were so great; however, I never wanted anything more than I wanted a sister. When I was 16 (and my brothers were 18 and 21), my family adopted my first sister, Kailee, from China when she was 13 months old. A little over a year later, we adopted my second sister, Emma. I was able to go with my parents when we adopted my youngest sister, and it was truly a life-changing experience. I remember the rain pouring down so hard as we stood inside a dark, cold building waiting for the nannies to bring us our sweet little girl we had only seen in photos. I held Kailee, who was just two at the time, as she kept asking, “Where’s my sister?”. It was such a beautiful moment to meet our newest sister as they handed her over to my parents. Our family was complete.

To say that the adoption process was an incredible experience for me would be an understatement. My life and its purpose changed because of two beautiful little girls. I fell in love with photography through documenting them growing up and simultaneously developed a strong passion for orphan outreach and international adoption. I went on to major in Fine Art Photography at Baylor University and started my own photography business shortly after graduating. I have spent time in Africa, China, and Western and Eastern Europe documenting the efforts of orphan outreach programs through photography, and I am always looking forward to my next opportunity.

My sisters completing our family gave me a totally new outlook on life and changed the course of my life, career, and passions. However, the greatest treasure given to me is the bond I have with them. They became my very best friends the first day I held them, and, despite our 16 year age gap, we did everything together. I hated being apart from them and would lay outside of their room during their nap time until I heard them stand up in their crib. I spent most my Friday nights of high school staying up late watching Barney with them and giggling about “spaghetti” being a funny word. I watched them take their first steps, speak their first (english) words, and ride their first bike. They were my Maids of Honor in my wedding at just 7 and 8 years old and gave the most beautiful toast at our reception.

So much of who I am today is because of my sisters. Adoption made me a big sister, it completed our family, and it changed my life.



(Photos by Katie Lamb, to see more of her beautiful work, click here!)

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