Bringing Home To Chloe

Its never easy to give up the things we love. I think it would be fair to say it is one of the more difficult things we can do in life. To willingly give up what is dear to our heart requires a deep trust and courageous obedience.  The Via family has been walking in that kind of trust, and this past wednesday they lived out that obedience.  They began the move to Jinja, Uganda to be with their adopted daughter Chloe. To save our lives and the lives of others, we must be willing to lose the life we have.

The scene at the airport was a melting pot of emotion.  Excitement, heart ache, hope, anxiousness, despondency, exuberance, and contentment were being worn on the sleeve of each individual.  As a mountain of checked luggage became one last bag, loved ones could sense the inevitable coming.  Goodbye.  Smooth, Kelly, Cana, Kayil, and Karis made their way through the crowd, tightly embracing friends and family for what could never feel like long enough. The Via family walked away from the soggy-eyed crowd, waved one last goodbye, and headed toward their airplane.  As we went through security and waited for boarding, I noticed something I will not soon forget.  Smooth and Kelly were at peace.  It undoubtedly hurt their hearts to leave their loved ones, but it was very obvious that the Via’s were on a mission.  They had a daughter living in Uganda without her family, and nothing was going to stop them from being with her.

The journey began with a seven and a half hour flight to London, followed by a 15 hour layover, then an eight hour flight to Entebbe, Uganda.  On approach into Entebbe an exhausted Smooth and Kelly began to get excited, anxious, and nervous all at the same time.  They were less than an hour away from their daughter.  They have been here before but this time is different.  This time there is no goodbye; this time there is no flight home; this time is forever.  Smooth and Kelly stepped of the plane in Entebbe and with three precious daughters in tow cleared customs, collected the mountain of luggage, and walked toward the exit. Through the glass doors of the exit, Chloe locked eyes with her parents.  Without regard for airport security she ran through the exit and fell heavy into the arms of her family.  This was what it was all for.  This was what “fight for her” looked like.  This abandoned little girl is abandoned no more.  She will never be abandoned again.

Watching this story unfold reminds me again of Love that has no bounds. My God will fight for me even more, and He will never abandon me.  To see this lived out is infinitely powerful.  Keep checking in for more pictures and updates as the Via’s adjust to life in Africa.

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