I Will Not Leave You Here. I Will Come Back For You.

Before going to Haiti I had heard the Stewart’s talk about some of the events and emotions of their trips. I thought I knew what I was stepping into, but words could never describe the level of joy, sadness, hope, love, and desperation that is experienced within the walls of that tiny compound. Even after seeing it firsthand and having my heart broken daily, I still do not fully know the pain that the Stewart’s and so many other families are going through. This gives me all the more adoration for them, the commitment to their calling, and the God that called them.
One day they wont have to say goodbye. One day, the memories of sadness and confusion will instill trust. Trust that Mama and Papa said they would return, said they wouldn’t leave me in Haiti forever. But for now, parents must literally leave their children in Abba’s hands and entrust their little ones into His will and protection.
None of us will be able to fully understand the depth of emotion these families are going through, but my hope for these pictures is that when you look through them you will feel. Not that you would feel guilt or shame, but that you would feel a deep connection to these families and children. My prayer is that this small window into their incredible story would allow you to stand beside them and hope and hurt in a way you previously could not.  And when you pray for them, whether you know them or not, may your words come second to the outpouring of your heart’s compassion.
“…This sickness will not end in death. No, it happened for the glory of God so that the Son of God will receive glory from this.” John 11:4

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