What You Didn’t See in the Video

Holy Cow! Nate’s adoption day was exhilarating on so many levels. We were able to document Nate’s car ride to meet his new family, as well as the Harris family’s car ride to meet Nate. We were blessed beyond belief to have our dear and talented friend, Allie Chandler, volunteer as our PA and second photographer for the adoption. Allie, if you’re reading this, we cannot thank you enough for everything!  

Documenting the exact moment a child meets their family is high stress because you can never recreate the emotions and words spoken during that time. I definitely overstressed to Allie about how, no matter what, she could not let Nate run to the car when we arrived because we didn’t want to miss anything. 

Nick and I were riding with the the Harris family, and we were doing a few last minute interviews before they met Nate. Suddenly we looked up to see sweet Allie running out to our van, waving her hands frantically. She said, “Nate is here! He’s out of the car and really ready to meet his parents.”

Nick and I were shooting pictures in the car, and the Harrises saw Nate through the windows. Unfortunately, it was a sunny day so Nick had to take the filter off of his lens before he would be able to shoot their first meeting. The car stoped, the doors opened, and if you listen closely to the video you can hear me saying, “Stop it.” I tried my best to make it sound sweet, but I was completely freaking out that we were going to miss them meeting. 

I flew out of the van and had Anna, Tabitha AND Allie hold Nate about 10 feet from the Harris family as Nick and I climbed out of the van.  Nick was trying to unscrew his filter while Nate and the Harrises started walking towards each other. Nick, in the nick of time, (pun intended) pulled the filter off, got his settings refigured for the sun, and started shooting the beautiful meeting of a child and his new family. 

I just wanted to tell y’all about a typical day on the set of an adoption meeting. 😉