Water For Children

Have you ever met someone who you wanted the world for them? Maybe you felt that way when your children were born or when you finally brought your adopted child home……You look that person in the eyes and you see a big, bright future and you hope they succeed.

I have so much hope for my friends living at Gan Sabra that it almost hurts. I think the main source of my hope is that these kids, my new friends, they are exceptional people. They know pain and abandonment, but they do not walk as victims. Many of them see their past as an avenue to draw strength and to love better and serve others.

As we spent more time at the home, we asked hard questions and observed constantly. These children were not putting on a show for us. They were just as kind and loving to one another when they didn’t know we were watching. They encouraged each other, took turns, helped with the smaller children, consoled the crying baby…they were just pure examples of love.

And right there is the main reason I want the world for these children. They are walking examples of love.

But they have a disease that casts them out from their society. They have been left by birthfamily and are growing up inside an orphanage. But they didn’t ask for help. They didn’t see themselves as needing from us. They just wanted to be our friends, play games, and help us carry our gear. There was not the “give me” I have heard from so many children living in homes. And the staff who have given their entire lives to love and support these children? Who work tirelessly to care for these abandoned and forgotten children? They cared and served us like we were one of their own.

When we asked what they would want or need for their home and for their kids, immediately Lucy said, “I want more people to come and visit my children. They get so much life and love from visitors. They love having your attention, even for just a few days. We don’t receive many visitors because we are so far to reach, but they feel so loved when people travel just to see them.”

They didn’t ask for money, they didn’t need our things. They just wanted more love to be poured into their children. And that’s why I want the world for them.

Can I give them the world? Probably not…but I can help…..you can help. We can tell the world who they are, that they exist, and that these forgotten children matter so much. We can go visit them and encourage others to do the same. Just the fact that you would take time to come meet them means the world to them. But in all reality you would be the one walking away feeling like you gained the world.

We were able to visit Gan Sabra because of an organization called Orphan Outreach. Orphan Outreach, among many things, builds relationships with orphanages and supports them in ways that they need to be supported. We asked Orphan Outreach what Gan Sabra needed in terms of physical things. Not because we want to give Gan Sabra something they don’t need but because we were there, and they truly did need physical things.

The item we heard and want to help with is a permanent water connection for the home. Gan Sabra is on the side of a mountain, literally standing on wooden stilts, and has an extremely weak system bringing water up the mountain…which usually does not work.

We believe every human on earth has the right to clean water and therefore we want to help provide a clean water source to Gan Sabra. And we want to invite you to partner with us for this amazing gift!!! The cost is $2500 USD. So for the next 24 hours every donation till we reach our goal will go directly to Orphan Outreach for a permanent water connection for our friends at Gan Sabra!

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