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Harris Family Adoption: China

The Harris family was featured in our final episode of The Advocates, our orphan care, travel show. To view their entire journey click here!

A few months before we met the Harris family in San Francisco, we received an email from an organization we deeply respect called Bethel China. It was from one of their employees named Tabitha and she was looking to see if The Archibald Project would be able to document an upcoming adoption and advocate for families to adopt boys. This need was not new to us so as there is a saying that ‘families wait for girls while boys wait for families’. The more we learned about the Harris family and their upcoming adoption of Nate, a 13 year old boy who was blind, we knew we had to sign on.

The Harris family had a very sobering view on adopting Nate. They knew adoption would be hard, they knew they would have to choose selflessness even when they didn’t feel like it. Watching each one of them, including Nate, push through their emotions and take one step forward to become a family has truly impacted us on our own journey as a family.

We cannot let fear of the unknown stop us from living for the betterment of humanity. To be inspired that you too can do hard things, scroll through these photos and make sure you watch our orphan care mini series featuring the Harris family!