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As a married woman without children, hearing Carlee’s story of becoming a mother is inspiring. At the age of 25, Carlee, decided to enter the foster system and began hosting abandoned children. After a few children came and went, a 4 year old little girl was placed with Carlee. Carlee fell in love and new she was being asked to adopted this girl.

But she was single.

But she was a woman.

But that doesn’t matter. Where there is a will, there is a way, folks.

Carlee has a heart to love children and began the adoption process soon after talking things over with her then boyfriend, Femi. A few months after Carlee and Catherine became mother and daughter, Femi asked Carlee to marry him. (Being a single mom does not prevent you from being a viable candidate for marriage, ladies.)

Catherine is now a teenager, far from the 4 year old who was placed with Carlee from the Foster Care system. Catherine is well educated, plays masterpieces on the piano, speaks other languages, is an avid reader and loves her family.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time talking to Catherine, asking her questions about her birth family. She confessed that she remembers being scared entering new homes but that she still prays for her birth mom. Her outlook on orphan care and adoption is “what if that was me?”, and she uses her past to influence her desire to help those still waiting. She is inspiring to be around at such a young age, and I know she’s going to change the world.

Below the photos you will find a short video about foster care, the last sentence gets me every time.


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