Sponsorship + Advocacy

Becoming a Sponsor with Mwana Villages means becoming a part of the family! You become a cheerleader, an advocate and a source of encouragement!

What’s your passion? Orphan care? Education? Empowering women? Social justice? Economic improvement for the poor? Homelessness? Nutrition? Advocacy? Could you possibly imagine an organization that meaningfully engages with all of these issues while providing transformation?

Mwana Villages is committed to addressing the orphan crisis in a holistic manner, serving the Littles, Bigs and Mamas to provide transformative hope and a future. And serving orphaned children and vulnerable families means that we necessarily engage in all of these issues in order to provide a stable, hopeful future.

That’s exactly how our sponsorship program was designed: providing folks like you, representing a huge array of gifts, passions and interests, with a way to meaningfully engage with the Littles, Bigs or Mamas who are part of the Mwana Family. Our sponsorship program allows you to choose the area of focus that resonates with you the most: you can sponsor a Little, Big or Mama in one (or more!) of five ways, each $30/month.

Nest: shelter in or support via the Mwana Refuge
Nurture: life-giving nutrition
Heal: medical care and treatment
Empower: educational opportunities
Protect: protection from trafficking

But the sponsorship program is about so much more than connecting folks like you to folks like Henriette, Mavie, David, or Jarel. It’s also about advocacy. The truth is, we all need an advocate–someone who cheers us on in our dark times, who believes for us when we have a hard time believing, who celebrates our successes, who prays for us. This is the beauty of the sponsorship program, that each of our children and families gain an advocate. 

Could you become a part of Mwana’s family by sponsoring their holistic efforts?!?

You can learn more about sponsorship with Mwana here!

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