15. Advice From Foster and Adoptive Dad – Randy Doleman

For the entire month of May, our orphan care nonprofit, The Archibald Project has been sharing real and raw stories of the U.S. foster care system with the hopes of educating and inspiring you to get involved in the lives of our country’s vulnerable children! So far we’ve brought you blog posts from foster parents, CASA volunteers, babysitters to foster families and podcast interviews with an adult adoptee, a foster care director, a foster care judge and now, to end the month, a foster care father!

We’ve been sharing new stories every week day on our blog and have had such a wonderful response that we are going to continue the stories into June, so make sure you stick around!

However, today, we bring you a very insightful conversation with a foster care father by the name of Randy Doleman, who started a nonprofit centered around building community for foster and adoptive families.

In our interview with Randy we hear what made him take the plunge into foster care, what advice he would give parents just entering the foster care, what advice he would give to a friend of a foster family, why he believes community is essential in orphan care and about his amazing nonprofit, The Orphan Care Network!

So sit back, relax and enjoy our time with Randy!

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