29. How A Foster Home For Visually Impaired Children is Changing Lives in China

Welcome back to Around the World with The Archibald Project! In today’s episode we bring you with us into Chinese foster home on the outskirts of Beijing, China!

Bethel China is a home for visually impaired orphaned and vulnerable children and they are doing wonderful work towards educating and equipping the up and coming generation. A few weeks ago we traveled to China to document the adoption of a 13-year-old boy who is blind and also grew up at Bethel.

While we were documenting the adoption we were able to sit down with two of the employees of Bethel, Anna and Tabitha and interview them!

In this podcast, we learn why children are abandoned in China, how Bethel’s education for visually impaired children is working to keep families together, we help break down some of the fears and preconceived ideas around adopting special needs and/or boys and much more!

You will be so inspired listening to this podcast, and be sure to stay tuned until the end because Anna and Tabitha give you all ways to get involved with the incredible organization that is Bethel.


We’re in the process of making a very special video about the adoption and Bethel, but until it’s released we hope you enjoy our last video about Bethel!

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