17. Joe & Jessica Honegger Talk About International Adoption and Starting Noonday Collection

In today’s podcast we introduce you to Jessica and Joe Honegger! Some of you might know Jessica as the founder of the incredibly successful fair-trade: Noonday Collection, but today we’re taking you behind the scenes! Learn how Jessica and Joe met and fell in love, hear how they decided on international adoption and of course we talk about how Noonday was founded! The Honeggers also share some helpful advice about the adoption journey and share what was harder and what was easier in adoption than they might have anticipated.

If you guys are interested in learning more about Noonday and how they are changing the world through ethical artisan programs in vulnerable communities, please head to their website here!

Also, remember, we exist to end the orphan crisis but we can only do this together! Which means we would love to have you share our podcast with your friends and family so that other might be inspired to care for the orphan!

Thanks guys! Now enjoy our time with the Honeggers!

Jessica’s Instagram
Noonday’s Instagram
Noonday’s Website!

(Above photos by Jessica’s Instagram, Scott Wade + Wynne Elder!)

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