35. Life in Uganda and Catching Up with the Via Family

Welcome back to Around the World with The Archibald Project!
My name is Whitney and together with my husband Nick, we started our orphan care advocacy organization, The Archibald Project. We’ve been working hard to tell inspiring stories about vulnerable children ever since and our goal is to ultimately end the global orphan crisis through storytelling! We believe that the more people who see and hear our stories then the more people who will be inspired to get involved and help end the orphan crisis!

In today’s episode we have a fun time catching up with our old friends Smooth and Kelly Via. If you don’t know who the Vias are then you’re missing out. We’ll cover our back story during our interview with them but in a nutshell the Vias were denied a VISA for their Ugandan daughter so they moved their then family of 5 to Uganda to be with their daughter. The Via’s have been living in Uganda, doing regular life for the past 4 years and today we hear all about what life is like, how they feel about being in Uganda for so long, where they are in their adoption, how their kids have adjusted and what their future looks like as a now family of 8.

I do want to share that this was recorded last fall so if you know the Vias or follow the Vias on social media don’t be confused when we talk about Kelly being pregnant or the fact that they’ve in the states. Since this podcast was recorded I’m happy to announce that Kelly has had a healthy baby boy named Corban (who was actually born on my birthday), and that all 8 Vias are back in Uganda and are doing well!

Enjoy our conversation with our dear friends Smooth and Kelly!

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