27. What You Need To Know About Foster Care With Foster Parents Cara & Nick

May is National Foster Care Month in the states and we’ve been bringing you first hand stories about the system all month long. On our blog we’ve had foster parents, siblings and volunteers share their wisdom and experience and on our podcast we’ve interviewed an adult who aged out of the foster care system and a single foster mom.

In today’s interview we hear how one successful couple opened their home to vulnerable children only to be changed for the better. We are so excited to bring you our interview with Cara and Nick, who are foster and adoptive parents.

Cara and Nick have so much wisdom to share, I honestly think I said wow over 100 times. Today we hear Cara’s passion about giving her entire heart to her children, we hear the couple’s desire for more people to get involved in foster care, we discuss how foster care has changed their biological children for the better, we hear about what it was like bringing a 14 year old into their home and how they have fallen head over heels for her!

Cara and Nick are so honest and share their initial fears about foster care. If you or anyone you know has ever thought about fostering then this is the podcast for you! So share it! That’s how we get more people involved and thats how we end the orphan crisis! The more stories the world hears about normal people getting involved in orphaned and vulnerable children’s lives, the more children will be cared for and the less children we will loose to the orphan crisis and broken systems! So share, share share!

Okay, guys, thanks so much for tuning in, we’re honored you’re here! Now sit back, relax and enjoy our interview with Cara and Nick!

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