13. The 411 on Foster Care With Social Worker Kayleigh Cunningham

The month of May is national foster care month here in the states so we’re switching up our podcast release format a bit. We normally release a new podcast every other week, but with all the powerful and exciting stories in the world of foster care, we’ll be releasing a new podcast every week of this month. Last week we interviewed an adult adoptee from the foster care system who is now a charismatic television producer who uses all of her free time advocating for orphans so make sure you listen to that when you get a chance! And this week we are so excited to bring a new perspective to you guys from foster care director, Kayleigh Cunningham. Kayleigh is one of the people who helps find families for children who have just been removed from their homes. Talk about an intense job, right?

Listening to Kayleigh’s wisdom and insight from a behind the scenes perspective is heart breaking, inspiring and so insightful. In today’s episode we cover what you need to know about the foster care system, why children are taken from their families, insight on birth parent’s perspectives, some beautiful moments of healing in children of trauma, how you can learn more about fostering in your state and what the first steps are to get more information on foster care!

So sit back, relax and enjoy our time with Kayleigh!

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