10. All Things Adoption and Life With 10 Kids – Bryan & Sherry Lopez

Good morning, folks! We are pretty pumped to introduce you to our Episode 10 interviewees of Around The World With The Archibald Project, Bryan and Sherry Lopez.

Bryan and Sherry have 10 children, 6 of whom are adopted. What first drew us to this incredible family was of course that number; 10. Holy cow, right? But then we found out 6 of them were adopted and we had to hear more.

Through out our time getting to know the Lopezes we heard words and phrases like:

“90 doctor visits”, “identical triplet boys weighing a pound at birth and who were smaller than a coke can…”

These are intense words, right? But what surprised us the most was how normal and down to earth Bryan and Sherry are, I mean with 10 kids you might expect to find some exhausted or overwhelmed people, right? But with every answer you can hear the truth and peace behind their voices. They love their children and their lives and we are so inspired by their obedience and willingness to love big!

So without further ado, we introduce you to the Lopez family! Enjoy our interview!

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(Above photos by Bryan and Sherry’s personal Instagram!)

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