9. Advice From Birth Mom and Adoption Advocate Callie Jett

Hey Guys! We are so excited for today’s Podcast, episode 9! Today we introduce you to birth mom, Callie Jett. You might not be familiar with the term, so let us explain. The term ‘birth mom’, ‘birth mother’ or ‘first mom’ describe a woman who gave birth to a child and chose to place that child with another family through adoption.

We know talking about adoption and abortion and a mother’s rights can be a hot topic so we just want to encourage you all to hear Callie’s heart and learn about her organization Talk about Adoption. If we notice any negative remarks regarding Callie’s decisions we just want you to know they will be removed, as this is a place for an open and honest discussion and not a place for politics.

We’re so inspired by Callie’s testimony and her desire to love expectant mothers and to help teach all birth mothers about adoption and parenting. If you know someone who is a birth mom or who might be facing and unexpected or unwanted pregnancy then please share this podcast with them as it’s cloaked with lots of resources and wisdom!

Also, Callie’s organization, Talk About Adoption is currently selling ‘Birth Mom’ t-shirts and 10% of each sale from this shirt is donated directly to The Archibald Project! So if you’d like to support Talk About Adoption AND The Archibald Project, head over and buy up all the shirts you can! Thanks guys, and enjoy today’s show!

Talk About Adoption: www.talkaboutadoption.org
T.A.A Instagram:
Callie’s Instagram:
Twitter: @letstalkshallwe
Periscope: letstalkshallwe

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