Healing Love.

After meeting a 4 year old orphan girl I began to understand the powerful healing of a mother’s heart

“Mommy!!!”, Rediet shrieked as she ran into the arms of a woman she did not live with 5 months ago.

The Ethiopian woman bent down, scooped the 4 year old into her arms, picked her up and hugged her tightly.

Both Rediet and Mommy beamed from ear to ear.

5 months ago Rediet lived with her biological mom and sister in their own home. Her mother was dying from a terminal disease that claims far too many lives in developing countries.

When Rediet’s mother passed away, Wude, a forever mother of Selamta Family Project welcomed Rediet and her sister, Elshaday, with open arms. During the first weeks of becoming their mom, every night Wude would lay in a twin bed with the 4 and 8 year old sisters, hold them close as they fell asleep and helped heal their mourning hearts.

Now, 5 months later, 2 young girls, orphaned and headed for orphanage life, now know the redeeming love of a safe forever family from Selamta.

This blows my mind you guys!

Because Selamta exists, over 100 children in Addis Ababa do not have to live in orphanages!

Let that sink in. 

Most orphanages are incredibly unhealthy and produce horrific outcomes for those who make it to the legal “aging out” age.

But Selamta places orphaned children in real homes with loving families. Selamta provides education and pysco-social support to children who know deep grief and suffering.

Selamta is raising up the future generation of Ethiopia. We met future doctors, nurses and presidents…all who will succeed and have a chance at accomplishing their dreams because they are in a healthy family, loved by mothers and the whole Selamta staff (which really is a giant family).

I know children can grow up to become successful adults even if their home lives aren’t healthy, but the sad reality is that that is rare. Most children who grow up in orphanages in developing countries have severe issues as adults and can often end up on the streets, in gangs or prostitution.

Selamta is changing the future for over 100 orphaned Ethiopian children and I’m so excited we were able to witness their work.

I know that I am forever changed by meeting Rediet and Elshaday. My faith is stronger after hearing about their past pain and yet seeing their current joy. I can’t wait to return one day and see how they’ve bloomed into beautiful young women…Beautiful young women who have a hope and a future because Selamta Family Project exits.

With passion + thankfulness,

Whit and Nick

To learn more about Selamta and how you can get involved, click here. They are always looking for more people to become a part of their community and if you’re lucky, maybe one day you can travel the 8,000 miles and meet these amazing people too!

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