National Adoption Month 2018

Photos and Written by: Whitney Runyon

Photos and Written by: Whitney Runyon

The month of November is National Adoption Month in the United States. Most adoption related organizations are promoting adoption all month and desiring to further the movement. This year, November comes as a sobering month for our family. Because not only are we now adoptive parents, but we are also in the midst of the hardest season of our lives. We are daily fighting to keep peace and begging for endurance and steadfastness. So when it came time to plan for November I just couldn’t share beautiful story after beautiful story (which most people know TAP for), of families meeting their children.

I wanted to go deeper.

I thought, ‘what would I want to learn during National Adoption Month?’, and then I sought professionals and families to help encourage and educate my weary soul and hopefully yours, too.

So this month, we celebrate adoption and all that it can entail.

We will share things to consider before adopting, how Sensory Processing Disorder is high amongst adopted children and how you can help your SPD kids. We will take you into hard stories of illness and the pain of not always “liking” your children. We will interview parents who are passionate about Black Lives Matter and hear from a single mom adopting an older child. We’ll hear from special needs adoptive parents and how they keep going, we’ll learn from Trauma specialists and more.

We want to share all of this because even in our hardest, most painful season of becoming a family: we still believe adoption can be good and that all children deserve a loving family.

So come with us this month as we learn different elements of adoption and encourage one another to push on, keep going and love vulnerable children.

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