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This week we have teamed up with Solly Baby Wrap to help promote orphan care and to further fund our mission. For the next 4 days, 20% of this wrap  will be donated to The Archibald Project and our mission of eliminating the orphan crisis!


Our motto is ‘Storytelling Changes the World’ and we believe orphan care stories hold the power to help eliminate the orphan crisis. Today we are excited to share a little back story about the Keywood family. This past June our team documented the Keywoods meeting their new son through domestic adoption. Our hope through telling these adoption stories is that more people would consider caring for vulnerable children. Make sure you don’t miss photos from Jay and Sarah meeting sweet Jeremiah below!

Jay’s phone rang, it was the adoption agency…it was time to become a family.

This past summer we met the Keywoods at the quaintest Airbnb in downtown Fort Worth, TX. They were warm and friendly and full of more excitement than I can put into words. Then Jay’s phone rang. Sarah’s hands went up over her mouth as she listened to her husband talk.

He hung up. The day they had been waiting for was finally here.

“Meeting our son was the most surreal experience. His birth mom presented him to us when he was 24 hours old in the hospital. We were nervous beyond words- or at least I was. I stared in wonder while my husband carried the conversation. His birth mom is so warm and approachable that the nerves didn’t last long. We chatted with birth mom for a few minutes before she asked the nurses to bring in her son, our son…

When we got the call we were going to be parents, Grandma swooped into action and ordered us a Solly wrap. A friend of mine who fostered to adopt told me how great it was for physically bonding with your adoptive child. The day we brought our son home I took him out of the carseat and placed him straight into the Solly Wrap.

My heart melted as he nestled into me. We believe wearing our son was a valuable part of bonding. We also felt like the Solly protected him from the environment, he was less likely to be touched (or kissed on!) by strangers while his little system got used to us as his parents.

With adoption, we’ve had to be mindful that our son is learning us. When he came home with us, every sight and sound was new to him. Nothing from his en-utero experience was still there. His little mind couldn’t express to us that he missed the familiar voices, smells, and touch, so we had to take into account this was probably true. We were catching up from 9 months of not knowing each other. Wearing him in the Solly allowed us to catch up on those 9 months. He learned our touch, our smell, our warmth, our heartbeat while we wore him, and I learned that I never knew my heart could contain so much love. Even though he didn’t come from me, when I wear him, he feels like a part of me.”

If you are moved by The Archibald Project we would like to invite you to purchase a wrap to support our mission and/or give to powerful storytelling here.

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