I want to be a Pilot

Have you ever wanted to get involved with vulnerable children and help them succeed? With your help, Ali can pull his family out of poverty! Read his story below!

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My name is Ali Suleiman and my dream is to become a pilot. I would like to fly up in the air.

I am a boy who was born on the 3rd of March in 2002 and am 14 years old now. I was born in a rural area of Kenya and moved to the Kibera slum when I was 7. I live with my aunt because my parents are unable to bring me up. My mother got mentally ill for many years and my father left so my 2 sisters, brother and myself came to Kibera to live.

Housing in Kibera is very difficult. I received my sponsorship from Penda Project in January of this year when I started high school because my family does not have much money. My family also faces many difficulties because my aunt is old and unable to provide enough basic needs. Sometimes we have food shortages but I work hard to make sure there is enough food. You see, my cousin died of hunger in northern Kenya, which made us all so sad.

In high school, we have three meals a day but if I was not in school I would often go hungry. There is never enough food at home. We also have a bed, mattress and safe place to sleep at school. Home is very crowded because my aunt also has her own children.

It makes my aunt happy to see me in school and to not a burden to her. It makes me happy to see my aunt smiling. I believe that my God has helped me in each and every way and I am so thankful.

-Ali Suleiman, a Kibera Penda Project high school student

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