Behind the Scenes - Romania

The two times we have visited the fascinating country of Romania, we have experienced extreme weather conditions. The first time was in August, and it was unusually hot. The second time was March, and it is impossible to describe how cold I (Whitney) was. I wore about 10,000 layers 24/7 (yes, even to bed). We stayed in a social worker’s office on a pull out couch. It was quaint, but freezing without central heat. Sleeping called for extra cuddling during that trip!

We grew to deeply care for Corina, the Romania Reborn social worker we were staying with. If you meet Corina, you meet her whole family because they all live next door. We got to meet the daughter Corina adopted when she was 18, and we ate almost every meal with Corina or someone in her family. Corina is the real deal. We cannot speak highly enough of her work and passion to see Romania without orphans!

Behind the Scenes Photos - Romania

(HUGE thanks to Natalie Daratony for being our organization and in-country host and for snapping so many of these moments!)