Adult Adoptee Says: Keep Going

My name is Courtney Short. I’m from Indianapolis, and I was adopted domestically, through a closed adoption when I was 8 days old.

I always knew I was adopted, my parents did a wonderful job of allowing us to keep an open conversation about any questions I had and they always spoke with such positivity when we talked about it!

However, growing up, I always felt a little different than other kids…because I was “special”…it kind of felt like I had an added bonus on my kid resume!

I think its funny when people ask if I got along with my family growing up, I mean I was as well adjusted as any other child…growing up can just be hard in general. However, I feel like I’m closer to my parents than a lot of other people, and a lot more grateful for them now than when I was as a teen.

You know, if I could talk to my birth parents, I would honestly want to say thank you! What a gift for them to give to another family. I’d like them to know that I’m well-adjusted, flourishing, and well taken care of. I’d talk to them about my life now, and maybe ask a little about my birth story and how my birth mother’s life is now. Maybe she’d have some helpful advice for me!

So, as an adult adoptee, for anyone out there considering adoption, I would say: All of your hard work, saving, and prayers are not in vain. Keep going! Your life will be changed radically, and for the better!

My husband and I definitely want to adopt, I feel like it’s part of my God-given calling. I’ve always had a heart for the fatherless, and intend to give a child a home someday!

I want to the world to know that adoption has really effected my relationship with the Lord. It’s really driven home that He knew my life, situation, and circumstances before the beginning of time. He can flip the worst-looking situation and use it for His glory. Redemption is real, and I’m living in the middle of it and my adoption story is proof of that!


To follow more of Courtney’s journey, you can find her on instagram: @interrogative

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