A Calling

Adoption, especially adoption of older children, is a calling.  It truly is a beautiful thing. Our adoption began as a journey in foster care with no immediate intent to adopt. Our kids were placed in our home as a short term foster placement, which shortly became a pre-adoptive placement. We made the decision to adopt for several reasons. We knew that we were called to adoption at some point. We believe our Heavenly Father adopted us and we believe that He called us to live in His image through adoption. After having our kids live with us for a year, we could not imagine a second of our lives lived without them.

Adoption (and fostering) not only make you an adoptive (or foster) parent, but it makes grandparents, aunts and uncles take on a new role that they don’t necessarily choose or decide upon.

If you are considering adoption or foster care: Pray. Pray fervently. Adoption is all encompassing. Life changing. Ask questions. Meet adoptive families. Ask more questions. And pray again and often.

Danny and Kim, adoptive parents
Instagram: @kagoin
Website: arethoseyourkids.wordpress.com

Photos and family submitted by Molly Wantland, if you would like to submit a story to be featured on The Archibald Project, please click here! 

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